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L2 Web Media has been bringing virtual events to remote audiences for almost 10 years. During that time we’ve partnered with small businesses and nonprofit organizations

Our team understands the importance of capturing the moments that make your audience feel like they’re sitting at the show, so we can help you deliver the best content for viewers. Our virtual event production team has the resources and knowledge required to handle projects of all sizes. You provide the inspiration and the “why” for your virtual events, we provide the industry experience, seamless technology, and end to end virtual event production.

Virtual Events Production is What We Do

The development of new technology has changed the way every single industry operates. Modern consumers and businesses now rely heavily on digital resources to help them make decisions, understand certain topics, and learn new skills.

Now, ultra-powerful devices and lightning-fast internet have created the perfect environment for virtual events to thrive and many companies are employing this type of platform to deliver a unique experience to their audiences. L2 Web Media is at the frontier of this transformation because our production team provides the expertise required to bring the vision of your virtual event to life.

Benefits of Partnering with L2 Web Media

We are partnering with our clients and their event planners to transition the old model of corporate and entertainment virtual events. This includes transforming conferences, internal meetings, corporate content, and conventions into a modern hybrid event and fully virtual event.

As an end-to-end live virtual events production company, we utilize real-time streaming and remote event technology to provide:

  • Broadcast Quality Video and Audio Live Streaming for Your Event
  • Expert Technical Directors and Real-Time Streaming Platform Engineers
  • Expert Matching of Your Needs to the Right Virtual Event Platforms
  • A Seamless Virtual Event Planning & Project Management Experience
  • Training and Rehearsals for Your Remote Presenters Before Your Virtual Events
  • On-Call Technical Support for Attendees and Presenters Throughout Your Event
  • A Solution Suitable for Your Next Live Virtual or Hybrid Event

The Future of Virtual Events

At L2 Web Media, our mission is to connect people in order to produce incredible live virtual events through innovative technology and social media sharing, which is at the heart of online and hybrid events. Virtual events are actively ingraining themselves into our identity as humans, becoming a global phenomenon that attracts audiences from all demographics. We use our resources to allow face-to-face conversations, debates, sharing of information, and other activities that include people in different parts around the world.

We are seeing big growth in both hybrid and virtual events that began well before the global pandemic, with the growth of technology, interest in video content, and desire to reduce long-distance travel for events and meetings. Since the pandemic, it has become essential for event planners to consider virtual events or at least hybrid models as real alternatives, with attendees having the option for either or to choose last minute between the two.

Learning how to set up and organize a quality virtual event requires a deep understanding of the different variables as well as reliable equipment. L2 Web Media has spent the last two decades developing time-tested best practices that make sure your audience feels immersed in your event.

Virtual Events are Already a Major Trend

We are seeing a big increase in attendees at online events over physical events, so your audience has the potential to grow exponentially. Online events have the ability to attract millions of viewers, so you need to use a technical setup that’s powerful and interactive in order to keep your audience fully engaged. And, you should also use the different tools at your disposal to broaden your reach without compromising the quality of the viewer experience.

You can scale up the number of attendees your virtual events can reach through utilizing streaming, social media sharing, and virtual event platforms, and grow your revenue and engagement through sponsor activations, integrated chat and polling, CRM & lead generation integration, and more.

The Benefits of Organizing Quality Virtual Events

We celebrate using cutting-edge technologies to bring together a wider range of thought leaders, speakers & teachers across the nation and the world to collaboratively put on events with your teams so that the faces and content in your online conferences can be more diverse, more inspiring, and more creative.

Consider all of the following benefits of pivoting to a virtual platform:

  • More sustainable all-inclusive, word-world online events
  • Increased attendance possibilities
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Easily track engagement through analytics
  • Lower event costs from food and beverage
  • More ways to incorporate event sponsor activations and give ROI
  • Make education and networking more equitably available
  • Engage attendees seamlessly from planning your virtual event for engagement, which will encourage more users to subscribe to your social media channels, become lifelong followers, and evolve into brand evangelists.
  • Since attendees aren’t traveling to your event, your online event can be shorter and span more days.

How L2 Web Media Can Help You Produce Creative and Engaging Virtual Events

Making your way from physical gatherings to hybrid and fully online events can be a daunting journey. There are so many options out there from virtual conference platforms to broadcasting tools and you may be wondering how to take in all of this content.

We would like to partner with you and take on the event technology side of your virtual event. We are platform agnostic and work with everything from free resources, all the way up to robust platforms and tools with integrated rapidly evolving technology. We want to make your virtual event’s technology consistent and reliable and stress-free for you and your team. We love taking your ideas, mission, and goals and using our experience in technology to bring your vision to life.

Bringing people and ideas together is what the events industry is all about. Let’s use the resources at our disposal and work together to bring more connections as well as creativity to your audience!

Designing Your Virtual Events for Sustainability

Our work involves putting together the hundreds of moving parts that are involved in the production of virtual events, development of quality content, and delighting the audiences with a look directly into that remote event so that they feel like they’re fully immersed and connected.

To schedule a free consultation, tell us about your organization and the virtual event you want to organize by contacting us today.

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