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Need Video Production & Photography for Your Business?

Video Production

Our award-winning videos help our corporate partners engage with their audience, inspiring them to act. L2 Web Media Group produces commercials, public relations videos, documentary films and online branded content for small to medium size businesses, non-profits and more. Our video production team spans both enterprise and small business to produce creative and powerful content informed by our vision, which is rooted in our collective experience working in television and film.

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Why L2 Web Media Group for Your Video Production?


Our photography and videography department is a team of experienced and passionate professionals. We are dedicated to consistently producing high-quality work that both our clients and our team can stand behind.


We offer each of our clients a customized approach to creating their videos. We will discuss what type of video you are looking for, your target audience and how you will use the video.


We keep you in the loop throughout the whole process, planning, shooting and in post-production. Your involvement along the way, especially in the beginning, helps us make the best video or photo project for you.


For special projects where you would like to highlight wider shots of your business, event or a location, we offer professional drone filming that is seamlessly shot and shown in your final video.

Video Production & Photography for Every Need

Branded Content & Commercials

We create effective, eye-catching video content to promote your brand.  We put together a video that showcases your company while highlighting your key services or product offerings. Staying true to your brand identity and company voice, we also build custom video and photo content for your business.

What about internal videos showcasing your quarterly financials or a new company vision? We can help with that too. One of our video production specialists will visit your facility to build a custom video that fits your vision.

Aerial Video

Have a new building your company moved into? What about an outdoor project or property? We provide professional aerial drone photography, creating views that you never thought possible.

The aerial videos can be part of a larger video production or stand alone pieces. Stand out from your competitors and build consumer trust in your services by showing off your business facility. Our video drone pilots register all our equipment as required by law, protecting you as we build out your video piece. We are licensed for commercial drone flying and video.


Professional Photography

Along with our video production, we also provide professional photography services. Do you need professional photos of your products for your website? What about updated photos of your business? Is there an upcoming event that you want photos of? We can help with all three.

Our professional photographers have the expertise and equipment needed to produce professional-grade photos for your business. Poorly done photography reflects poorly on your business. Don’t rely on amateur photographers when your business is on the line.